The team

Robin Martí - Founder on a Mission


Hey! I'm Robin Martí, the Founder of BookForGreen.


I was born in 2001 and began this exciting project when I was just 17 years old. Currently, I'm pursuing a degree in Global Project and Change Management in the Netherlands, where I'm gaining invaluable insights into the business world and its critical relationship with sustainability.


Besides studying, you can find me catching waves while surfing or competing on the tennis court. Living in beautiful Mallorca means I'm always close to the sea, a constant reminder of the urgent need for sustainable tourism and ocean protection.


I'm deeply committed to safeguarding our oceans and promoting sustainable travel practices. With BookForGreen, my mission is to make a positive impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for tourism.


I've recently relaunched the project independently, but the original team members remain actively involved and engaged with BookforGreen:


Louis Schwarz 


I'm Louis Schwarz, and I recently completed my studies in Communication and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen. Skilled with a fresh perspective and newfound knowledge, I'm eager to breathe new life into this project.


Nature, and in particular, the sea, has been a constant presence in my life since childhood. Witnessing the degradation of our oceans fills me with a deep sense of sadness and a burning desire to make a difference. That's why I'm collaborating with our team, dedicated to the vital cause of cleaning and preserving our environment.


Together, we're working towards a future where our oceans can thrive, and our world can be a cleaner, more beautiful place. Join us on this journey of change!

Juan Ramón 


I'm Juan Ramón, currently in my fourth year as a Biochemistry student at the University of Balearic Islands. My education equips me with the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to our cause.


Born in Mallorca, I've grown up surrounded by the sea. It's a constant presence in my life, a source of inspiration and wonder.


My commitment is clear- I'm on a mission to protect and restore our oceans to their natural beauty. Join me us in this fight, and together, we can ensure that the sea I love remains clean and pure for generations to come. 


Francesco Casa - Founder on a Mission


I'm Francesco Casa, the Founder of this initiative. My journey began in 2001, and I embarked on this project at the age of 17, driven by a burning passion for change.


Beyond my role as a sailor, I also serve as a sailing instructor in the beatiful surroundings of Mallorca. With parents involved in environmental and maritime matters, I've grown up with a profound understanding of the urgent need to protect our oceans and preserve the natural world.


Time is of the essence; we cannot afford to delay any longer. Join us in our commitment to safeguarding the sea and nature. Together, we can make a real difference.